Raza library Rampur

Raza library

Raza Library Rampur, located about 30 km from Moradabad, a singular repository of ancient manuscripts, paintings, and delightful specimens of Islamic calligraphy built by Nawabs of Rampur. It’s an enormous collection of valuable manuscripts, historical documents.

It is a really rich library of 17000 manuscripts written in different languages like Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi, etc. It also possesses an honest collection of paintings on palm leaves in various Indian languages. a set of around 60,000 printed books in various Indian and foreign languages also are available here.

With gold-covered carvings, the inside is grand and Italian sculptures each carved in one piece of stone. The durbar hall is magnificent and houses an alluring museum which has some rare works reproduced and showcased. The stunning Belgian glass chandeliers lit up by the first bulbs will catch anybody’s sight. The minarets of the building are an amalgamation of all faiths in their architecture. The whole complex features a number of buildings from the Nawab era.

For a heritage enthusiast, this place may be a delight. it’s one of the simplest ancient libraries with a fantastic ambiance and extraordinary architecture. It’s a superb combination of lovely places and collections of Indo Islamic literature. One can read peacefully in a beautiful atmosphere.