Jama Masjid Moradabad

Jama masjid

Jama Masjid Moradabad, a gorgeous mosque of Moradabad is situated opposite Hamsafar Hall, a Wedding Hall, in village Baquipur, Moradabad district. it’s a singular masterpiece and maybe a jiffy walk from Raza Library. It’s a sanctum for Muslims to worship. it’s the very best mosque of Moradabad, overlooking the Ganga river is made by Rustam Khan in 1631. Jama Masjid or Jame masjid comes from the Persian term masjid-e jame, from the Arabic term masjid jāmi‘ , meaning “congregational mosque”. It holds a special Friday noon prayer referred to as Jumu’ah. It’s a spacious and vast courtyard that may accommodate quite a thousand people at a time and is employed for the prayers five times each day. The mosque walls are very beautifully intricate and can indeed leave the visitors stunned by their beauty. The Islamic calligraphy runs through the pillars that are ornate and is a feast for the eyes.

This elegant and excellent piece of architecture may be a grand symbol of the Mughal style architecture and it marked the development of other exquisite monuments like Red Fort, Delhi and Taj Mahal, Agra. The highlighting features of the mosque’s interior features vintage chandeliers and hand-woven carpets. The mosque’s exterior has12 minarets that are illuminated during the evening which provides immense pleasure to the sight of the viewers.